2014 new nike free run

2014 new nike free run

Nike Free Run

Can we create a shoe that mimics barefoot running? That was the question biomekaniker at Nike, Jeff Pisciotta, got off his boss in 2002 that the racers used barefoot running as restitution, to strengthen the foot and prevent running injuries were familiar. To find the answer filmed Pisciotta 30 barefoot runners and discovered a finely tuned and sophisticated interaction between all the foot bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

For years, Nike has created the world's most innovative products in both races and football. The flexible sole of the Nike Free, which has been the hallmark of the shoe is inspired by the barefoot running. This makes the Nike Free Running Shoes are great for goose and other shorter routes. The sole of Nike Free running shoes follows the foot's natural motion better than other running shoes known to man. Running shoes with light weight and Dynamic Fit.They have an incredibly snug and comfortable fit.

Nike Free Running Shoes Out to children. Ultra lightweight running shoe. The shoe has a flexible outsole which is also shock absorbent. Shoe upper is mesh, which thus secures breathability.

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